Curbing Your Sweet Tooth

by pinksoda


Sweet tooth? Me definitely yes! My weakness and my cravings most of the time since birth! :). That’s probably one of the weaknesses most women have. The ultimate diet wrecker and the the culprit for increased obesity not just in women but so with men. But should you feel guilty for eating sweets? You shouldn’t. There is nothing wrong with eating an occasional sweet. It is far wiser to plan a sweet dessert now and again, rather than deprive yourself for weeks only to eat half your body weight in sweets later.

Curbing your sweet tooth may not be that easy but by doing it slowly will help you eventually control your sweet intakes. The secret here is you want nutritional value for your calories. Healthier choices go a long way in making you lean, fit and trim. Below are tips to cut back on Sugar.

  1. Try saving sweets for special occasions. Plan a candy bar or cookie ahead of time, say, on the weekends. It is far better to incorporate them into your diet than binge on them when feeling deprived.
  2. Bake your own sweets with half of the sugar. Or try substituting applesauce for sugar in muffin and sweet bread recipes.
  3. Use dried fruits as extra sweeteners in cookies. Beware of dried fruits as snacks alone. They are rich in calories and can stick to teeth causing tooth decay.
  4. Use powered sugar as a substitute for icings on chocolate cakes. Get a doilie and place on top of cake. Sprinkle powdered sugar on top and remove doilie…Wallah! Poetry in motion without the extra fat in icings!
  5. Use “conserves” instead of “preserves”. The former do not have added sugar.
  6. Use sliced fresh fruit as a topping for french toast or pancakes. Sprinkle with powdered sugar. This helps bypass the maple syrup.
  7. Buy plain non-fat yogurt and add your own fresh fruit. Flavored yogurts can contain up to seven teaspoons of added sugar.
  8. The product “Equal” is actually two naturally occurring amino acids (aspartic acid and phenylalanine) hooked together. This works well for sweetening cold products, but breaks down in cooking.
  9. Look for breakfast cereals with six grams or less of added sugar and more than four grams of fiber. Read the label and beware of words that end with “ose”. These are sugars too: corn syrup solids, dextrose, maltose etc.
  10. Beware of fruit-flavored waters. These products can have as much sugar as sodas. Make your own beverage with half fruit juice and half mineral water.
  11. Eat fresh fruit whenever possible. When buying canned fruit, buy those packed in their own juice or “lite” syrup.
  12. Avoid having sweets around “for guests”. Chances are you will eat them before your friends and family will.

Those are not that easy to follow but with discipline and determination, you’ll surely get by!


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