DARE to go BARE this Summer!

by pinksoda

Fashion trends tend to just sprout from anywhere in the world and it automatically becomes a fad especially when it comes in unique and trendy. How could you be fashionable when you’re bare, topless and totally nude? Hold on ladies! I’m not talking about taking your clothes off! 🙂 . I’m talking about the new Strapless and Topless Sandals. Yes, imagine flip flops that don’t actually flip or flop? This nude sandals / slippers originated in Hawaii but have made its way perhaps not only in the neighboring states but around the globe.


Unlike traditional sandals, the strapless/topless sandals just cling to your feet, without the need for an ugly thong between your toes. They are meant to be fun as you use them and you can say goodbye to irritations, blisters and suntan lines. Just step on it and walk away! If you want to take it off, simply remove by peeling them off the foot. Beginning from the outside edge, slowly peel the sandal off. There is no sticky residue left on the foot.

I know we’re not used to that, kind of weird right? But I’m pretty sure that’s just for starters. Ones you get the knack of it, you’ll have fun and be a strapless sandal convert too!

How do I put them On?

Strapless sandals stick to your feet via adhesive. Just make sure that your foot is clean and dry. Make sure that the topless sandal is clean, it will looses it’s stickyness when it becomes too dirty. Put your foot firmly down on the sandal heel first. Firmly press as you rock your foot on until your toes are firmly pressed on. As long as you got it nice and centered, the sandals are on for the day

Can I wash my topless Sandal?

Yes of course you can! Washing your strapless sandals regularly increases the life span of the adhesive. You can clean them with soap and water. If you’ve gotten sand on your strapless sandals, you may need a stiff brush to remove the grains. Allow the sandals to [air] dry completely. Again make sure your feet are clean before putting them on again.

There are strapless sandals that are designed for one time use only. Of course we don’t want that, we want to permanent sandals or those that we can use for a longer period of time.

So dare to bare and go nude this summer? If you say YES, go ahead hurry up and grab your own strapless sandals! Search the Internet or ask your favorite shoe stores for availability of these totally trendy creation!

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