Dark Underarms Remedies

by pinksoda

One of the biggest insecurities women have is having dark underarms that wearing sleeveless, tank top, bandeau and the likes is not always an option. While there are a lot of commercial underarm whiteners being sold in the market, many of them fall short to their “bright” promises despite the hefty price they cause their customers. Beauty clinics and spas on the other hand are offering quicker and modern ways to fix the problem but let’s face it, not all can afford them.

Speaking of affordability! Don’t fret! There’s an inexpensive way to a lighter underarms! The solution? Well, we have tons of beauty tips and tricks using those stuff you have in your kitchen or in your fridge. Here are some natural and practical beauty remedies to lighten dark underarms.

dark underarms remedy

Lemon have this acidic properties that can lighten your skin as well as exfoliate dead skin cells on the affected area evenly. Cut half the lemon and scrub it to the underarm and let it dry before rinsing it with lukewarm water. Apply moisturizer as the acidic content in a lemon is quite high. You can also make a paste of lemon juice with a dash of turmeric and apply them on the affected area. Let it dry then rinse.

They are not just for those on diet. Apple contain high amount of AHAs beneficial to kill the germs and exfoliate the skin. Achieve similar effect of the chemical peel treatment with mashed apple and apply them to the affected skin. Over time, the affected skin will look lighter in few days.

This might be surprising, but YES! A potato can aid is making that underarm much lighter. Sline potato thinly and scrub it to underarms. Its mild acidic properties (yet non-irritating to your skin) is an effective natural bleaching agent.

You can opt to make the juice out from potato and apply to the area and letting it dry before washing it off with a splash of lukewarm water. Do this everyday for faster result.

It’s natural bleaching agent lightens the underarms. Aside from putting a slice on your eyes to soothe eyebags, you can also rub it to the underarms to lighten it. Let is stay there for few minutes until it dries before washing it off.

Baking Soda
Perhaps you have heard Baking soda being part to a dozens of beauty tips from different blogs. This time, use baking soda to lighten your underarms. Make a baking soda natural homemade scrub by adding with a bit of water to make a thick paste. This scrub is great to get rid of the damaged and dead cells, unclogging the pores, and kill the germs living in the area and what you’ll get is a clean, odor-free, and lighten skin.

Coconut Oil
The vitamin E content of the coconut oil lightens dark underarms. Lightly massage it to the affected area for about 10 minutes and rinse it with lukewarm water.

The high content of probiotics in yogurt can be helpful in killing off the germs while lactic acid is essential to exfoliate the skin and nourishes the new ones underneath it. The affected skin will become visibly lighter in few days if you use this method daily.

It is known for its anti-bacterial, soothing and lightening properties. Apply a small amount of honey to underarms and let it dry before rinsing them off with water.

See? Having a lighter underarms need not to be very expensive. Try any of these and see the difference for yourself. Share it here which one worked best for you!

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