Fashion and You – Do’s and Dont’s in wearing your underwears

by pinksoda

You need not sabotage yourself when it comes to fashion. Sure the best designers around the world gives us all these wonderful and jaw dropping underwears but bear in mind that we have to be self responsible in wearing them :). Fashion and You should work hand in hand.


– wear lght colored T-shirts with dark lace bras

– show beige bra straps under spaghetti-strap tops

– wear plastic strap bras with halter tops — not a pretty sight!

– wear “manang” panties with tight or stretched pants

– wear dark thing under white slacks

– expose your panties above your jeans or pants


– use a matching halter bra and pull it down with a low back adaptor

– choose colorful straps that compliment your top

– wear a won’t be-seen nude T-shirt bra.

– for smaller breasts, DO get help from a push-up T-shirt bra

– on the lighter option: DO go for invisibles
– try think thong for a line free look
– if you can’t bear thongs, DO try hipster or U-back panties.


  • Women report feeling more put-together when their panty and bra match. It can build up confidence as you go through your day — always a good thing.
  • Most delicates can be washed safely in a machine, but a dryer’s heat can break down panties’ elastic and make them lose their shape. Air-dry unless in an emergency.

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