Fashion and You Dressing for Your Skin Tone

by pinksoda

Sometimes its the wrong choice of color that gives us a “not so nice” look after trying on a dress that we thought we really like. Take note that not only the design, the fit and the cut that matters in choosing a dress/clothing. We have to consider one serious factor. Fashion and You dressing up includes choosing the right color that will compliment your skin tone. Try the following tips by beautiful designer Jazmin Whitley.

Different Types of Skin Tones

Here are three different types of skin tones: darker skin, fair skin, olive or medium skin.

How to Dress for Your Skin Tones

lavenderThose with darker skin tone should avoid wearing brown, black and orange. Go towards plum, lavender, soft neutrals and pastels. Contrast dark skin with eye catching colors

fairFair skinned ones should avoid wearing white, pastels, and gold, and go for darker colors like black, grays, and red. Don’t wash out light skin. Stand out with stronger colors.

pinkOlive or medium colored skin type avoid wearing golden undertones, like caramel, orange, and brown, and go for colors like pink, red, and blue tones. Avoid the middle of the road and go for bright or dark.

Remember to always be true to your color!!


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