Fashion and You Dressing Well Everyday

by pinksoda
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If you think you don’t know how to dress well, you better think again! Fashion and you are ought to be best friends. Dressing well and looking good everyday can be done effortlessly. You don’t have to wear stylish clothes or expensive ones. It’s not necessary that it is the hottest fashion trend to look good on the dress you wear. Check out these 3 practical tips that will definitely work for all of us!

1. Keep clothes wrinkle-free. No matter how expensive your clothes are or how well they fit if they are wrinkled you will lose all credibility. Take care of your clothing by keeping them well pressed and hang them to prevent wrinkles. Before you buy pants, skirts or blouses check to see how easily they wrinkle by taking a little of the fabric in your hand and squeezing for two seconds. If it wrinkles don’t buy it.

2. The perfect fit. Clothes that fit well will make you appear slimmer and present a more polished look. It is amazing how much difference an inch taken off or added in a certain place can make. Why nip and tuck your body when you can nip and tuck your clothes and get the same result?

3. Grooming. A neat, fashionable hairstyle, subtle makeup and good overall grooming are the final touches to a well-dressed look.

A polished look can be yours every day, if you dedicate a little time and effort up front to learn about yourself and how to choose the right styles and colors. It’s the first step to investing in your fashion and you.

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