Fashion in Magnetic Bracelets

by pinksoda

Magnets have long been thought to have healing properties and have therefore been used in numerous cultures for thousands of years as a method of treating a variety of ailments. Even today, millions continue to wear magnets in the form of jewelry as a way of preventing and treating many health conditions including poor circulation as well as managing pain. offers many magnet bracelets including stainless steel magnetic bracelets that are both fashionable as well as durable. has a number of different finely crafted magnetic bracelets made of stainless steel. The available stainless steel bracelets each contain a high power magnet in each of the links.
magnetic bracelets

The magnets are 3300 gauss magnets making them very strong and therefore more powerful with greater healing abilities. The bracelets are each custom made to fit each customer and have a snap clasp. Keep in mind that, in order to fully utilize the healing benefits of the magnetic bracelet, the jewelry must be in close contact with the skin. Therefore, make sure that you measure your wrist exactly and do not add for any extra room. The magnetic bracelets available at are all composed of metal of the highest quality. Stainless steel bracelets are available in both cuff as well as link form to ensure that both men and women can find a style to meet their specific tastes. Stainless steel is both durable and resistant to tarnish making the bracelets ideal for those who are constantly working with their hands.

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