Fashion Trends 2013 – Ruffles

by pinksoda

They are gentle, calm, feminine and fun! Leveling up the peplum trend of 2012 into multiple, tiered ruffles. What’s fun with ruffles is they can be found in almost everything wearable, from the vest and dresses to the bags and accessories. Ruffles are fun to wear but be careful not to put them in parts of the body where it is already full as it will make them look even bigger.

Points to remember:

  • The key to ruffles is proportion.
  • Pair ruffles with simple, structured pieces to prevent the style from overwhelming your entire figure.
  • For plus size women – ruffles look best on sleeves. If you are going to wear ruffles around the neckline, stick to one ruffle and make sure it’s not too big. A ruffle that is too big looks unflattering to your bust; too small and it makes the rest of you look even bigger. To be on the safe side, minimize ruffles and relegate them to shirt sleeves.
  • Restrict your ruffles to one garment only. Ruffles are an extremely noticeable embellishment, and having too many can quickly become tacky.
  • Avoid wearing large ruffles when you have a small frame. Large ruffles may overwhelm you, but smaller, more delicate ruffles will often do fine.

On Ruffled Blouses
ruffled blouses

  • A horizontal ruffle (shoulder to shoulder) draws attention to the bust and create an illusion of fullness.
  • Narrow ruffles down your front will make you look flatter so this is good for those with well-endowed bust. If you are however conscious of your bust or mid-section, you can skip the ruffles.
  • Match a ruffled blouse with a straight, simple pant and tuck a ruffled blouse into a pencil skirt.
  • Also minimize your accessories as the ruffles already serves as the focal point of the entire look.
  • Shoe-wise, choose a simple one.

On Ruffled Skirts

  • For those with narrow hips, tiered ruffles is great to create the volume on that area. On the other hand, a small amount of ruffle detailing at the bottom hem of a knee-length or maxi skirt will compliment those wider hips.
  • Pair ruffled skirts with simple, fitted tops to create a chic casual look.

Ruffled Dresses
ruffled dress

  • Rule is simple, whichever part of the body needs a little boost, look for a dress with ruffles on that area.
  • A pair of sexy, strappy shoes can make an already girlish ruffled look dress womanly.
  • A simple jewelry is enough to accentuate the whole look. A pair of pearl earrings or a delicate choker necklace is recommended.



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