Fashionable Jackets for Men

by pinksoda

There’s nothing cooler than being Johnny-on-the-spot with handy items. A man never knows when he’s going to need matches, dental floss and credit card. There is no easy way to carry small tools and necessary items in a traditional jacket. A jacket absolutely must have pockets. It may be impossible to find the perfect jacket at a department store.


Traditional fashion jackets just aren’t made to tactical standards. There needs to be a military-type structure to a good jacket. It should be functional first. Next, it has to look good. A great McGyver jacket should look good in any setting. They can be dressed down or dressed up. It’s easy to shop for McGyver jackets for men at There are a variety of different colors and sizes to choose from. The McGyver jacket from Alpha Industries has five pockets. This is the perfect way to carry multi-tools, matches, paracord and anything else the modern man might need. This tactical jacket is also stylish. It gives the wearer a rugged, prepared look. There is no need to leave essential items behind when a jacket has five pockets. There is a place for everything. Pockets should also be easily sealed. There is no sense in having five pockets that can’t be closed. The McGyver jacket by Alpha Industries offers button closures, brass gussets and zippers. The jacket also has a detachable hood for multiple looks. Finally, the bottom hem has a draw cord to keep cold, wet weather out.

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