Four Makeup Shades That Flatters Everyone

by pinksoda

Are you like me who have trouble remembering tones and colors that best suits your complexion? Really, there are girls who are just clueless on which colors to pick in buying makeup. Ladies, it is important that you know which one to pick because like it or not, you are spending your hard earned money and it is just fitting that you spend it on something you can use and will not end up with all those junk left out in a box.

Here’s a little tip that will definitely help you get your money’s worth. In choosing your makeup hues, the secret is choosing Shades that possess neutral undertones and creamy textures for easy blending.

Eyeliner – choose the dark brown liner (cocoa brown) as it is rich enough to register on a dark skin but does not overwhelm the ivory skin tone.
eyeliner cocoa brown

Eye Shadow – Gold and purple is great for all types of complexion. Gold on inner corners brightens all eyes, while purple’s broad appeal is that it’s not too cool or too warm.

Lip Gloss – I am not much of a lip gloss fan because my lips aren’t thin. But to those who loves wearing lip gloss, Sheer Pink is a great choice. It complements all lip colors and never looks overdone.
lip gloss sheer pink

Lip Liner – whether your complexion is fair, medium or dark, you will never go wrong with a pinkish brown lip liner.
lipliner pinkbrown

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