Four Types of Hair Removal

by pinksoda

A flawless and hair-free body as much as possible (except the crowning glory, unless you desire to have it shaved off as well) is every girl’s goal. For you ladies out there, here are four types of removing those unwanted hairs alongwith their pros and cons.

waxing is probably the best way to eliminate hair. It involves the technician spreading hot or cold wax with a spatula on the area of your body where hair needs to be removed, allowing it to cool a bit, and then yanking the whole strip off (ouch!). It sounds painful (yes it really is) but it also ensures a smooth, even wax and longer period of time before hair starts to grow again. It is perfect for the bikini area, legs and armpits, but if you don’t have time or the funds, I would pick the bikini area since you can easily shave the other two parts last minute.

Sugaring works almost the same way as waxing, except instead of hot wax, a hot sugar mixture is used in the same way. Expect hot sugar, allowing it to cool. and yanking it off as well. It’s supposed to hurt less, because sugar only attaches to the hair, while wax attaches to the skin. You can look for sugaring recipes on the Internet, but more often than not, it’s comprised of sugar’ lemon juice and honey.

This is the easiest, quickest and least painful way of removing body hair. One big pro to shaving is that you can do it anywhere, and at the last minute. Even if you forget your razor at home, chances are you can buy them at any convenience or sari-sari store. The problem with shaving is that it doesn’t last very long, and after a day or two, you see stubble on the shaved areas. Also, a lot of the time, you are prone to nicks that result in wounds that sometimes get infected. Lastly, in more intimate areas, it can get a bit itchy and uncomfortable when hair starts growing, plus you have ingrown hairs to think about! I would save shaving as a last resort.

Technically speaking, Le Epilation means the mas plucking of body hair. threading another popular form of hair removal, which involves a piece of string or thread to remove body hair en masse, was probably the first type of epilation that existed. Nowadays, epilators are powered by electricity and are composed of a row of tweezers that rotate while plucking out hair. The results last for about two weeks, and since you only need to buy it once, it gives more bang for your buck. On the flipside, if you have thick hair, it may hurt at first, but persevere and it will get better. Also, our hair needs to be a certain length before you can epilate so you may need to deal with long hair growth for a while before removing.

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Sumi September 24, 2012 - 8:58 am

I haven’t tried either waxing or sugaring but I’m planning to do so soon. As for epilating, I’ve been wanting an epilator to remove some facial hairs, but I’m quite scared ’cause it seems to be the most painful among all these hair removal procedures.

pinksoda September 24, 2012 - 9:02 am

I’ve tried waxing, but only on the underarms.. I’m quite hesitant to do it down there since I have seen my friend did it and i knew it sting! lol! Haven’t tried epilator too.

arose87 October 17, 2012 - 7:49 pm

I currently wax. Always seems lot leave strays behind. does surgaring work any better?


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