Going Fair – Reality Check

by pinksoda

Not everyone embraces their “morena” complexion despite being told that it is a beautiful complexion that even those naturally fair would take some time under the sun to get that nice tan. Really, being fair is not everything (I am not against the tisays – just stressing the beauty of being in the arena of the morenas). Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong in wanting to have a fairer complexion, moreso if that will boost your confidence. In fact! I have some tips prepared for those who would like to explore and wishes to go fair.

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Consider these facts before attempting to whiten your skin.

Why you have that skin color
Variations in skin color are the skin’s natural way of adapting to its environment. In people from hot climates, melanin is continuously produced, giving the skin a darker appearance. In white skin types, melanin is only produced when the skin is exposed to the sun. The amount of melanin in the body determines the shade of the skin.

How Whitening Products Work
Whitening agents block the melanin production process and increase the formation of new skin cells. Also, they normally replenish the skin cells, which leads to its smoother appearance. This way, using whitening creams and such can help to make the skin look lighter and more healthy. However, their effects is not permanent. If you want to remain white, you’ll have to use the products on a regular basis.

The Sun’s Role in Whitening
Another way to “whiten” your skin is to protect it from sun exposure. By blocking the sun’s rays from forming. So be sure to use products loaded with SPF. The visible results may take longer, but this method is a healthy way to brighten your complexion – you don’t strip your skin of melanin, which is its essential protection against the sunlight.

Whitening Warning!
If that cheap cream from the tiangge is working unusually well, take a minute to research its ingredients. Many low-priced, super-effective whiteners are actually mercury-based! These skin-whitening creams contain mercurous chloride, which is readily absorbed through the skin. Some products with high doses of mercury damage the central nervous system and the kidneys, and affect the brain development of a fetus or child. Buy only from reputable distributes and be wary if a known brand is being sold significantly cheaper than normal.

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