Health Corner : Cognitive Functions of Vitamin D3

by pinksoda

People have started to take more vitamin D3 as research continues to prove its benefits. Vitamin D3 is found in sunshine, yet people today spend more time indoors. When outdoors, sunscreen is used to help protect from burns and skin cancers. Luckily vitamin D3 can be taken orally to help supplement what is lacking.

Studies concerning the benefits of vitamin D3 have been going on for a very long time. Over the past century vitamin, D3 has been tagged as being beneficial to bone health. It is also known to help maintain muscle strength. Lack of vitamin D3 can cause bone disease and weaken muscles. This makes it more likely for someone to fall and hurt or fracture a bone. Some suppliers of vitamin D3 promote the benefits such as one online supplier who says to treat muscle and bone problems with our D3 vitamin at

Vitamin D3 benefits do not stop at bone and muscle. There are studies that have shown vitamin D3 helps with cognitive functions, especially in older adults. Vitamin D3 helps to regulate T cells. These cells play a pivotal part in the human immune system.

The list of benefits where vitamin D3 is concerned is long and continues to grow as more research emerges. The list of risks where there is a deficiency of vitamin D3 also continues to grown. It is clear to see that taking vitamin D3 supplements is beneficial for most people.

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