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by pinksoda

The medical field is growing and changing almost every day. Sometimes new medical advances grow slowly, while other times a “eureka” moment changes the face of medicine almost overnight. This has been going on practically since the beginning of time, and humanity has always benefitted from it. Sure, not every medical treatment works like it should, but even the most questionable experimental treatments for cancer may eventually lead us to a fabled miracle cure if we take the time to study them.

clinical trials

One of the most important parts of researching new and experimental medical treatments is testing them out through clinical trials. People have no doubt seen advertisements for these before. They usually ask for those who meet certain criteria to be given an experimental new treatment before it is available to the general public. These trials are perfectly safe, and while they may amount to nothing in the end they have also provided the aforementioned “eureka” moment and saved lives. Of course, most of these clinical trials pay their participants as an added bonus. is a new website that allows users to search a vast database of clinical trials being held throughout the country. In short, it is the one stop you will need if you are looking to participate in a trial for any reason, whether you want to find an experimental new cancer treatment or simply want to help advance medical research. It’s very easy to search the clinical trials database at, and you can quit a trial at any time for any reason. Take a look around and see if there are any clinical trials happening near you.

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