Fashion Tips in Hiding Away Your Flaws

by pinksoda

There are certain parts of our body that does not seem to be just right which oftentimes we call our “defects”. Think you can’t be beautiful just because your body is not perfect like those hollywood stars we so adore? You better think again! All it needs are simple tricks, good mix and matching of clothes and choosing the right accessories to hide those body flaws! Check out the some tricks below.

Bulging stomach

Choose A-line unbelted loose flowing unfitted styles. Try long sweaters and blouses and shirts which make the waistline less noticeable.

Buy skirts which flare at the hemline. Buy hip huggers when buying pants or jeans and wear loose T-shirts or sweaters outside of pants. Avoid short and soft coloured tops which bare the midrif, as they will emphasise your fault. Avoid fabrics which cling to the body. When buying tops, don’t buy clothes which are bulky around the midriff and never wear tight clothes or belts.

Heavy legs

Always try to cover them by wearing pants, jeans, sarees and salwars and long skirts which cover the legs. Pants should be straight legged with waist bands, team them with tucked in shirts, blouses or sweaters. If you want to wear a dress keep the hemline just below the knees and wear knee – length boots.

Big breasts

Long jackets and cardigans bring the top and the bottom in proportion. A line silhouettes minimizes the bosom area. Choose tailored unfussy tops and keep to patterns with straight and narrow lines. Choose a bra which gives a flattening shape to your breasts. Don’t choose anything which draws attention to the breasts like clinging tops or breast pockets.

Broad shoulders

Give them a soft look with V-shaped necks. Avoid shoulder pads and puffy sleeves, big necklines or bare necklines or halters.

Heavy calves

Wear loose fitting pants. Wear grey or brown stockings with skirts.

Avoid high thin heels. Go in for heels which have enough height to balance the proportion of your legs.

Heavy thighs

Wear pants which are loose fitting in non-clinging fabrics. Same is the case with dresses. Wear salwaars and sarees. Wear skirts with soft gathers and pleats. Do not wear any dress which hugs the hips. Do not wear any top which ends at the broadest portion of your thighs.

Heavy hips

Wear a long blouse over a slim skirt. The hips covered with a long blouse makes the hips look slender. Do not wear fitted blouses and short fitted jackets.

Wear semi-sheer blouse over a camisole and slim trousers to conceal large hips. You can also wear blouses cut exactly to your hip size with deep side slits. This shape looks very flattening on big hips.

Gently flared hips or wrapped styles conceal large hips. Stay away from shorts and go in for knee length or above the knee culottes with slight flares. The length of the garment is very important for large hips. If you are short, wear calf length skirts and tall girls can wear skirts up to ankle levels.


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