Hollywood Stars Secret to Sexy Body and Good Health

by pinksoda

Three of the hottest and sexiest hollywood stars shared their secret to good health eventually maintaining that super hot and gorgeous body every woman would die for!

JESSICA ALBA – she’s famous for her flawless figure that left girls envious and wondering how she does it! Well, wonder no more, here’s what she does…

How she did it

  • She likes to eat out but she only eat half of the food in the plate. Now, that’s what she called a “portion control”
  • Jessica’s a pro in the kitchen and loves to cook dishes like egg-white-omelets, salads, healthy enchiladas and waffles —- and DRINKS 2 to 3 liters of water a day.
  • Jessica does cardio religiously (on the elliptical, stationary bike or treadmill for 30 minutes four times week). But when she’s preparing for something coming up, she adds up weights and yoga to tone up.


CAMERON DIAZ – hot Cameron Diaz don’t starve herself with deprivation diets. But the slender sexy actress does a have a few smart eating habit up her sleeve.

How she did it

  • Cameron likes to drink 2 glasses of water, tea or a bowl of vegetable broth before dinner to fill herself up and avoid overeating.
  • Chewing sugar free gum curbs Cameron’s cravings for sweets. But if she does treat herself, she makes sure to burn off those extra calories.
  • According to a friend, Cameron usually goes to the gym first thing in the morning and stays at least 90 minutes. In Hawaii, she surfs, swims and even hits the gym at Kahala Hotel and Resort!

TYRA BANKS – Supermodel shares how she regained her sexy figure!

How she did it

  • She hired a chef to create health conscious dinners for her.
  • Tyra also cooks for herself, preparing healthy beef chili and seafood bisque from her favorite cookbook, 400 Best-Ever Soups by Anne Sheasby.
  • To burn calories. Tyra does interval training –Running and Walking on a treadmill.

Exercise, eating right, self discipline, plenty of water and a lot of freewill summarizes the secret to good health and sexy body of these 3 Hollywood beauties.

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