Inside My Bag

by pinksoda

Inside my bag are these things I can’t live without! Check them out!

Loreal True Match

L’Oreal’s True Match line – I love how this face powder blends into my skin naturally. Make one’s skin becomes fresh, flawless, but most of all, natural-looking, thanks to its Opti-Blend and Opti-Match technology, which essentially matches one’s skin tone and texture. Imagine a formulation that mimics the skin texture to make it smooth, even, and true to tone. True Match gets closer to your skin more than your boyfriend or husband does! Choose your match! Mine is Sand Beige / Beige Sable.

nivea tinted moisturizer

Nivea Tinted Moisturizer – I love its light feeling to my skin upon application and not cakey like most foundations. It evens out skin tone and gives it radiant complexion. It is also easy to blend whether using fingers or foundation brush when applying. it is also one of the cheapest yet value-for-money beauty product i love. Plus it will last for months that you don’t have to buy that often.

maybelline blush

Maybelline Blush – Gives you a natural blush and not heavy to the skin. It is very light and handy that you can always insert it in your purse bringing it wherever you go!

REvlon Super Lustrous Lipstick

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick – thanks to my friend Ann for this by the way :). First I love it’s transparent cap, I can clearly see the inside of it. She got me deep nude. It’s just perfect!

maybelline moisturizing lipstick

Moisture Extreme Lipstick by Maybelline – Should I want to go light and sweet, I use this maybelline creation. I like it’s lush and soft effect on my lips. Mine is Light Berry.

Stila Lip Liner

Stila Lip Liner – I got this as a freebie when I ordered my Elizabeth Arden from an online store. I didn’t really much fuss about the freebie since I was after of the perfume. When I tried putting it on! well, I liked its soft effect and blended with my lip color so well!

Dior Addict

Dior Addict Shine Perfume – to complete my kit! A limited edition of Addictperfume for “classy, dazzling young woman” 😀 I just love it’s light smell and it’s handy too!


And of course my phone! Sony Erickson P990i, it’s a classic! Can’t live without it :)Well that’s it for now! I have more to share next time :).

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