Laser May Provide Better Option For Permanent Hair Removal

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Individuals wanting to avoid tweezing, waxing and shaving to remove hair from their body may find permanent hair removal using a laser to provide a better option. This is one of the most common cosmetic procedures in the USA. The device focuses highly concentrated light into the follicles of unwanted hair. The pigments inside absorb the light to destroy hair.


hair laser removal

Permanent hair removal from Onyx Laser Hair Removal using a laser offers several benefits. These devices can focus on the face, arm, leg, underarm or bikini line as well as many other areas. The machine can target the dark and coarse hair without damaging the surrounding skin. The process requires a fraction of a second to treat an area 3/4 inch in diameter. This allows the technician to treat an entire upper lip in under a minute. Larger areas, such as one’s back can take up to an hour. Within three to five sessions, 90% of all patients experience permanent hair loss in the treated area.

Patients should realize this type of permanent hair removal is considered a medical procedure. The individual performing the treatment should be credentialed in this type of care. In addition, there are some potential risks of which patients should be informed.

In preparation for permanent hair removal, individuals should limit use of waxing or plucking for the six weeks prior to the session. In addition, it is best to wait at least six weeks after the last electrolysis session before undergoing laser treatment. Lasers target the roots of the hair to be removed and these are temporarily removed by the other processes. In addition, the patient should limit exposure to the sun for six weeks before as well as six weeks after the treatment for more effective removal and to prevent complications.

Before applying the laser to the area, the operator will trim the hair so it is very short. The device is adjusted to meet the requirements of the thickness, colour and location of the hair and surrounding skin colour. In some cases you may be asked to wear special eye protection. The outer layers of skin may be coated using a cold gel to improve penetration of the laser into the skin. The area is then pulsed with laser light for the predetermined time. After the pulse, the technician will observe the patient to ensure the machine is set correctly and the patient has no adverse reactions. Patients continue to receive treatments every four to six weeks until permanent hair removal is established.

Some patients experience slight discomfort after the procedure. This discomfort may be treated using anti-inflammatory creams, ice packs, lotions or cold water. The doctor or technician should recommend the appropriate aftercare.

Permanent hair removal using laser can remove hair from unwanted places. While there may be some initial discomfort, it can be remedied with the right aftercare. Most patients are pleased with this procedure that eliminates plucking, shaving or waxing.

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