Leggings and Shoe Laces

by pinksoda

Leggings are comfortable and super casual, but you don’t have the liberty of keeping it casual at all times. Sometimes you need to dress it up just enough to shine brighter than the other girls when you walk into a room. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you need to keep your leggings in the dresser drawer. There are ways to dress up this casual, comfy look.

Start by ditching your athletic tees and sweatshirts and picking up a dressier blouse. Look for something loose with a longer fit, and consider topping it off with a wide belt in a contrasting color. A metallic belt that wraps around the waist multiple times can make a more sophisticated statement as well.

colored leggings

You shoes can also make a big difference, so go with a heel and sleek style. Top it off with a few accessories on your arm or around your neck. You may even want to add a fun touch to your hair by tying it up with colored shoe laces in an interesting way. That unexpected pop of color in your tresses will play up the casual tone of your leggings while maintaining your dressed-up style.

The great thing about dressing up your leggings is that you can quickly undress your leggings when you are ready to relax. When the big event is over or the work day comes to an end, you can whip off that belt, untie the laces from your hair, and get out of those heels. Within minutes, you are ready to take it easy in complete comfort.

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