Lipstick Application Tips and Tricks

by pinksoda

I have previously shared tips on how to put on a lipstick that will last longer on your lips. Here’s an additional trick I bumped into while surfing. Thanks to the beautiful and renowned Makeup artist and FASH host Bianca Valerio for these amazing tips!

1. Usually we do our lip altogether (lipbalm, lipliner and lipstick) after we do the whole face. Well, let’s not forget that reason why we put lipbalm is to moisturize or hydrate our lips. The tip is, put on the lipbalm first before doing your face’s whole makeup. That will give enough time to hydrate the lips and make them look fuller and plumper.

Neutralize lip color by putting in a lipliner that is not far from your skin tone.

Lip Liner: It’s not necessary to have one that is of the same tone with your lipstick. Apart from it is expensive (imagine buying lip liner for every lipstick you have!), it is also unnecessary. All you need to have is a NUDE Lipliner. Putting a nude lipliner will make your lip color stand out.

2. Apply lipstick on your lips. You may just apply an ample amount on the center of the lip.

Note: Lip lines are vertical NOT horizontal. You want the lipstick to go each line to make it last longer. Using a lip brush, brush the lips vertically to even out the applied lipstick. Do the same for the other lip.

Use your lips to create the shape of your mouth by pressing then together lightly.

3. Now you don’t want to leave a lipstick mark on your cup of coffee or drinks. Bianca call this the “makeout proof” tip.

Ones done with the lipstick application, remove its excess moisture by pressing both lips against a clean tissue. Apply another coat of lipstick for a longer lasting color then use the tissue ones again. This removes the excess moisture from the lipstick but keeps the pigment on your lips.

Might be a tedious process for you especially if you are in a hurry but quoting Ms. Bianca “The Vain don’t complain :P”

4. Using the brush again, define the lipline. There might still be a bit of darkles at the edge of your lips (lipline). You can get a concealer brush and get just a bit of it and apply concealer on the area OR use the more convenient Concealer Pencil. Use a concealer that is similar to your skin tone or 1 tone lighter. Blend concealer with your fingers or a brush.

5. Getting the lipstick from getting to your teeth (it spoils the sexiness!). Hold up a finger and insert on  mouth pressing your lips against it so to get the excess lip color that usually goes to your teeth.

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4 comments January 9, 2012 - 11:37 am

step 5 is her signature tip! love this and love love love bianca! 🙂

andrea January 9, 2012 - 12:40 pm

oooooh! nice trick… i’ve always thought of putting on the lip balm before the lipstick.. didn’t know it actually was something important. ^_^

Beauty Diva January 9, 2012 - 4:52 pm

Have you ever tried outlining your lips for a more plumped effect. I think that it works for some people

Krista January 10, 2012 - 1:22 pm

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