Many Useful Botox Procedures

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Botox injections have become a well known procedure for the fight against aging by reducing wrinkles in the facial area. However, there are some alternative uses for Botox that are very helpful with some more serious medical conditions. These procedures are fairly new, but they have been proven to be effective with issues that hinder the everyday life of an individual. Potential patients should be sure to have any Botox procedure performed by a licensed and certified physician that has experience with injections. This is especially true with newer or experimental procedures that are currently being performed.


The uses of Botox injections to reduce or eliminate migraine headaches have proven to be successful in a small percentage of patients. This procedure requires that Botox be injected in the forehead and other areas of the head known as trigger points that is completed every 12 weeks. Another alternative method is receiving Botox injections in the armpit area to eliminate sweating profusely. People with this debilitating condition known as hyperhidrosis can eliminate profuse sweating for up to two years. Other uses of Botox include people suffering from Parkinson’s disease or stroke. Individuals that suffered from muscles being paralyzed due to a stroke can use Botox injections to even out facial features through recovery.

Patients should always be advised that injections should not be performed if there is a pre-existing infection near or around the injections site. The rewards and progress of Botox seem endless. However, there is a slight chance that people can become immune to the effects of Botox. This happens when antibodies are produced in the body that can block the reaction of the body to the capabilities of Botox. Another possible threat occurs when a person has an allergic reaction to Botox. An allergic reaction can have symptoms such as body aches, fevers, and chills. A physician should be notified immediately if there is any sign of an adverse reaction to Botox. Women going through pregnancy should generally hold off on any sort of Botox treatment until they are cleared by a physician.

Botox is usually charged by unit or by area depending on the size and severity of the required treatment. Larger areas such as the forehead will cost more than smaller areas around the nose or mouth. Charging by the area is usually in the range of $300-$500 whereas charging by the unit can range anywhere from $10-$18 per unit. The minimal down time and reasonable cost make Botox treatments some of the most desirable among many available cosmetic procedures. Botox treatments are continually evolving and most are complimented by the approval of the FDA. All types of Botox treatments are offered in a variety of venues such as Botox Liverpool at Importance lies in performing meticulous research to find a physician that is skilled and licensed in all Botox procedures.

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