Mindanao Fashion Summit Featuring Mark Yaranon and Joshua Guibone

by pinksoda

The second Mindanao Fashion Summit to which ladysoda.com is an official media partner was a major success! The best and budding fashion designers from Mindanao showcased their craft and fabulous work on the 3-day fashion show. Congratulations to OFDG (Oro Fashion Designers Guild) and all its partners for the amazing show! And to my dear friend Dennis Almazan who did a fabulous job in directing the show. I was able to see all the collections and with no bias I really really love Mark Christopher Yaranon and Joshua Guibone’s collection! I love the fact that their designs exudes simplicity and elegance with extremely unbelievable details! I had a quick chit-chat with both of them and here’s what they have to say about their collection.

Men’s Wear Collection according to Joshua Guibone
My menswear collection was inspired by the color and song “yellow’ by cold play. I also reference the sunshine piercing through the gray clouds. That is the main component of my designs for my menswear collection spring summer for mfs 2013. I envisioned men going beach in yacht thus the used crumpled cotton. I want to give a relax and easy feel to the collection.

joshua guibone menswear

Women’s Wear Collection according to Joshua Guibone
My womens wear is inspired by metal and shoelaces. I loved the crisscross pattern of the shoelaces. I started to think on how to achieve it and the only thing i thought it would make it possible is by using metal square rings. That’s how the whole idea of my collection. To highlight the sheer technique of incorporating metal to the pieces, i used simple simple silhouette on the dresses as not to overwhelm each piece. The color was inspired by the 2012 london olympics tennis competition. It was held on the grass court of Wimbledon where traditionally white attire is obligatory. But, during the olympics, they allowed fuchsia pink and magenta on the background. my woman is edgy at the same time feminine – sweet but strong and definitely a stand out.

joshua guibone womenswear

Here’s the collection of Mark Yaranon both for Men and Women. Mark is the current President of OFDG and is the mentor of Joshua Guibone. Both of them have had their share in the Philippine Fashion Week. I am hoping to see them joining this year.

Mark Yaranon menswear

mark yaranon womenswear

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jheylo January 23, 2013 - 12:07 am

wonderful outfit. I think Mark Christopher Yaranon are more creative and stylish i would say.

RonSilvoza.com January 23, 2013 - 8:30 am

cool. those are elegantly created woman and men wear….

i can only dream of being a model lol

cheers for sharing! šŸ™‚

emzkie January 25, 2013 - 5:02 am

sounds like a very exciting event. but i dont like the colors, i find it boring especially the men in gray. i guess because its been gloomy here in our end, and so my mood goes with the colors. lol


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