My Shoe Addiction

by pinksoda

I just stayed home all day and slept a lot as I will be working overnight again! I woke up feeling so tired after 10 hours of sleep! I know sleeping too much is not good too. So I just hit the shower and bingo I felt great. I stumbled upon one of my sandals and just as I was about to put it to its place I decided to give my shoes/sandals some cleaning and arrangement. I was surprised seeing that much shoes and sandals in my shoe stand! Clearly I lost track of how much I’ve been buying sandals lately. Addiction indeed! I just can’t resist it…I am not wealthy, It’s just a way of pampering myself… perhaps among other things that I selfishly do! LoL! Anyway, I am not the type of person who actually go for signatured ones, I’m not that vain…. no offense meant to those who love buying signatured things. I go for the style and comfort, sometimes I go too much for the style that when I start using it I just realize that I’m not comfortable wearing the sandal! Talking about being impulsive…Shoes and sandals are among the things I do not hesitate spending. I know there are a lot of people who actually think that it’s being impractical, but come to think of it, at least you get to use them in different occasions and you see where your money went rather than just hanging out and clubbing every week! I guess I am not alone. I remember being contented with just having 2 pairs! Being addicted to sandals and shoes never really crossed into my mind. Well I guess that’s part of some changes in me that I didn’t really noticed so much. Anyhow, I have no regrets nor feel guilty for spending a lot on shoes and sandals. After all, we all deserve to pamper ourselves in any way that we want to and in my case sandals are my bestfriends. Right ladies?


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