Oily Hair – Neutralizing Solutions

by pinksoda

So that oil factory you call your scalp just doesn’t know when to stop and it has become a frequent downer that it would even equal to hair loss problems. What could’ve been causing it? Well, it could be that you have too much hair. the finer your hair, the more hair you have per square inch of scalp. And at the base of each hair shaft are sebaceous glands, which produce sebum, the fatty “oil” in oily hair. the more hair, the more oil glands, and the more oil glands, the more oil! Those with fine hair have as many as 140,000 oil glands on their scalps, according to Philip Kingsley, a New York City and London hair care specialist.

oily hair

The texture of your hair does not make a difference. Oil wicks onto fine, straight hair very easily. But why hair doesn’t seem oily. It has a lot to do with perception. Intense heat and humidity can also accelerate oil production. So can hormonal changes. So anyway, what can you do about the oil factory in your scalp? Here are some advise from the experts.

Shampoo Frequntly
Experts agree that the most important thing that you can do to combat an excessively oily scalp is to shampoo ones a day, particularly if you live in a city environment. When summer heat and humidity stimulate your scalp’s oil glands, shampooing twice a day may be advisable. The sebaceous glands are producing oil continuously, what you’re essentially trying to do is keep up with the secretion and remove it.

Choose a clear shampoo
Clearl see-through shampoos tend to have less goo in them. they clean away oil better, without leaving residue behind.

Give yourself a scalp massage
This should be done during the shampoo, never between shampoos. Massaging the scalp between shampoos may squeeze a little bit of extra oil out.

Bubble Double
Excessively oily hair may need to be shampooed twice. The most common mistake people do is that they don’t leave the shampoo long enough. For people with especially oily hair or scalp, double shampoo and leave it on the scalp for 5 minutes each time. This won’t harm the hair or scalp.

Get out of condition
If you have oily hair that tends to flatten out a the day goes on, the last thing you want to do is coat it with more oil. Try going without a conditioner. If you must use a conditioner, look for product that contains the least amount of oil or one that is largely oil-free. Condition the ends instead of the roots.

Test for oil after shampooing
Each amount of shampoo can only take away so much oil. Don’t skimp on the shampoo. Test yourself, if your hair still feels oily after shampooing, that means you haven’t cleaned it well enough.

Apply astringent to the scalp
You can help slow down oil secretion by applying a homemade astringent directly to your scalp. Apply a mixture of equal parts witch hazel and mouthwash with cotton pads to the scalp only. The witch hazel acts as an astringent and the mouthwash has antiseptic properties. If your scalp is very oily, you can do this each time you shampoo.

Don’t Overbrush
People with oily hair have to be extra careful not to be overly vigorous with brushing as brushing from the roots carries oil from your scalp to the ends of your hair.

Dry hair in the opposite direction from which it grows
Left on its own, oily hair tends to be limp and lank. Toc coax more fullness into it, be creative with your blow drying technique. Use a brush to lift the hair up at the rots, or bend forward at the waist and gently brush your hair up over the top of your head.

Learn to Relax
When you are under stress, your body produces more androgens and androgens help boost oil production. Relaxation techniques can help.

Switch to Beer
Mousse dries the hair too much and clogs the pores. Use fresh beer instead as a setting lotion for oily hair. Store it in a closed plastic container in your shower; otherwise it will only keep for a couple of days.

Freshen up with lemon
Squeeze the juice of two lemons into a quart of the best water you can find. Distilled water is a great choice as this is a great rinse to help cut oiliness.

Try an apple cider vinegar rinse
Try a teaspoon of vinegar in a pint of water and use as a finishing rinse. This solution acts as a tonic for the scalp and removes soap residue that can weigh down oily hair.

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