Online Shopping Haul

by pinksoda

I have always pointed out in my previous posts how the Internet revolutionized shopping. Shopping before means getting our pretty little assess off our chair and actually go out of our house and spend hours (transportation and actual shopping) to get the deed done. But now with the evolution of technology, some ways of living have also been changed. Shopping for instance! It can now be done at the comfort of ones own home. All we need is just an internet connection and of course some online means to pay for the stuff we love (paypal, credit/debit card etc.).

Admittedly I was skeptical back then with online shopping as I don’t want to share credit cards information online (adding the horror stories of stolen credit cards and identities online I heard and read). It took me a while to actually trust online shopping. A good review on online shopping stores really is a huge help to entice skeptics like me :).

Well anyway, here are my latest haul. This time, I got all these from ZaloraPH, one of Philippines most successful and largest online shopping site.

zalora outfit
I am not really a huge fan of an OOTD (Outfit Of The Day), rather I am not the OOTD person but I find it more space saving to show more stuff in one setting, so here is my attempt! 😛

scarlet wedge copy

These shoes if I am not mistaken are made in the Philippines so I guess having them also gives us the opportunity to help our local shoemakers.

colorful wedge

In my attempt to make an artistic shot, these two came about. lol!

zalora shoes

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Tina Cors February 5, 2014 - 10:24 am

Wow.. shopping haul indeed! Love the sandals!


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