Plucking Eyebrows Away – Tips

by pinksoda

eyebrow-pluckOne of the many problems women have is shaping our eyebrows. We know exactly how we want them to look but most of the time they just don’t cooperate! We however find ways to create the best eyebrows that compliments the type of facial features we have. Well, solution? Plucking it is! Plucking is the best way to shape your eyebrows, although some women prefer waxing. But be warned: this is best done by a professional unless you want to wax off half an eyebrow! Plucking is extremely beneficial and it doesn’t irritate the skin as waxing does.

There are three important things in plucking women needs to remember. Shaping the eyebrows to perfection, plucking Your Eye Brows away and correctly and choosing the Eye Brow Color that blends in to the color of our hair.

To begin shaping your eyebrow, begin by balancing your eyebrows. Face the mirror and place imaginary lines (or a pencil) across your face to match the lines shown here. Do this on both sides of the nose and pluck only in between. Be careful about the distance between the inner brows and the length of the brows.

1. When eye brow shaping, imagine a vertical line going up from the outside of your nostril towards your forehead. The inner part of the eyebrow should converge with this line.
2. A straight line going out from the outside corner of your nostril past the outer corner of your eye marks the end of your eyebrow.
3. Your arch should be found two thirds of the way from your inner eyebrow.

Plucking the Eyebrows
Remember that no two eyebrows are exactly the same so do not worry too much if you see a slight difference between the two. Use tweezers with pointed or slanted tips since they grip the hairs best.

Never pluck the top of your eye brows, always pluck below the eye brow line, and follow it’s natural arch. You can use the top of the brow as a guideline to shape the bottom.

You will notice that the eyebrow gets narrower as it goes upwards and outwards. Pluck the hairs out toward the ears following the natural hair growth. Pluck slowly and check your eye brow shaping progress often by looking in the mirror.

1. To begin eye brow shaping, start at the inner corner, brush the eyebrow upwards and back using a mascara wand or brow brush, then brush downwards the hair to be removed.

2. Draw over your eyebrow a very dark outline of the shape you want using a dark eyebrow pencil. Make sure both eyebrows are as symmetrical as possible, then remove any hairs outside the outline.

3. Begin hair removal of hairs outside this outline (stray hairs) using tweezers. Pluck each hair as close to the root as possible. Pluck one hair at a time, always pluck from underneath the brow and pull hairs in their growth direction using a swift, sharp movement.

4. After plucking eyebrows, brush them into shape using an eye brow brush. Work upward and outward to give the brow more definition. Your eye brow shaping phase is complete.

5. To achieve symmetry you can use eyebrow pencil, shadow or stencil to define the eye brows. Use light strokes to fill in any gaps.

6. Comb through again with the brow brush to blend in the eyebrow pencil. You can use hair spray to keep hairs in place by spraying a clean mascara wand and combing it through the eyebrow.

Now, choose the best color that compliments your eyebrow. Take note that considering the color of your hair is important.

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