Quick Beauty Tip on Contouring

by pinksoda

Contouring the face is probably among the few very complicated and hard to imagine makeup trick to do for the many especially those who are not make up professionals. I must admit, it’s something I myself is struggling to master (well of course, I am not a pro! :D), but contouring the face is a makeup trick I want to really learn. I hope the following tips will help you also in achieving that nicely contoured face by yourself!

Facial Contouring – slimming down the appearances of our faces. It is a form of shading, or adding DEPTH. For areas you want to look concave (go inward), you do the contouring (usually the lower part of the cheekbone).

On the other hand Highlighting does the opposite of contouring, it makes objects appear convex (go outward). It can also make the face look lifted and youthful.

What we need:

First, to determine which area you would want to “trim” we have to know the shape of our face. Here’s a chart to help you decide.

Choosing the right shade of Foundation for your complexion.



Two shades of foundation –  Slightly darker than your skin tone, and another shade that is slightly lighter than your skin tone. (This explains why we have to know our complexion and the shade that best suits it)


A more VISUAL look on where to put the contour and highlight

  1. Begin by perfecting your skin and even out its color. Apply primer, foundation and concealer as needed.
  2. Use a concealer brush and loosely draw your contours (darker shade) and highlights (lighter shade) on the face as needed.
  3. Ones your marks have been made, use a foundation brush to blend using a quick soft strokes. For natural look, blend until the two shades are smooth with no edges.
  4.   Apply cream or powder blush to the apples of the cheeks and finish with translucent setting powder. Use a fan brush for softer application.
  5.   Apply lead primer to the eyes to extend the life of your shadows (use your fingertips). Follow by applying bronze eyeshadow the lids using a soft shadow brush.
  6.   Continue with the rest of your eye makeup complimenting your complexion and the kind of look you want to achieve.

For someone with a round face like me, here’s the trick.

Contour: We will be minimizing the roundness of our face so the key is to concentrate the contouring on the hollows of the cheeks. This creates shadow and also helps to make the cheekbones pop. Blend the contour into the jawline and don’t forget to sculpt the sides of the forehead too.

Highlight: To make the cheekbones stand out, apply on the cheekbone and let it work upwards towards the temples. This gives a create slimming effect. It also gives the face more dimension and less flat.

Blush: Sweep along the cheekbones. Work the blush upwards for a lifting/slimming effect.

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