Quick Lipstick Tips and Tricks

by pinksoda

Does it seem like your lipstick does not stay long on your lips? Your pale again just moments after applying it? You’re not alone! Here’s another lipstick tips and tricks that will keep your lips looking luscious, and make your favorite lipstick last longer:

  1. Always use a lip liner for a nice, defined line.
  2. Pat your lips with little translucent powder so it will stay longer .
  3. For pouty lips outline Your lips with darker shade and then the fill yor lips with a shade lighter .
  4. Keep lipstick on your lips and off your glass by licking the rim of the glass before taking a sip. (Please do this discretely!)
  5. Line your lips with a lip liner, then use it to “color” in the rest of your lips before applying the lipstick. Your color will last longer. This works with lip gloss, too.
  6. Store your lipstick in the fridge. It will last longer!
  7. Fix a broken lipstick by carefully melting the broken end with a lit match, then reattach it to the base. Put it in the fridge for five minutes to set.
  8. At the end of your favorite lipstick? Don’t toss it out! Make a gloss with what’s left in the tube by scraping it out and combining it with clear gloss or Vaseline in a small container. Apply it with a lip brush.

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Lipstick Application Tips and Tricks | Beauty , Fashion and Good Health January 8, 2012 - 2:09 pm

[…] Tips and Tricks Posted by pinksoda on January 8th, 2012 I have previously shared tips on how to put on a lipstick that will last longer on your lips. Here’s an additional trick I bumped into while surfing. […]


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