Easy Quick Makeup Tips on Weekdays

by pinksoda

Here’s how to do your everyday make up real quick!! To create a polished look for weekdays, follow these makeup tips steps after you’ve washed your face and applied moisturizer (for dry or combination skin) or toner (oily skin) and sunscreen:

1. Apply concealer (one shade lighter than your natural skin tone) to uneven areas using fingers or a makeup sponge to camouflage discolorations. Blend.
2. Apply foundation (the same color as your skin) by dotting it all over the face and blending evenly with a makeup sponge to create a smooth, even complexion.
3. Dust a layer of translucent powder (or pressed powder the same color as your foundation) over the face with a makeup brush or powder puff to set foundation.
4. For eye makeup, Apply eye shadows, eyeliner, and/or mascara to accent your eyes.
5. Apply blush just below cheekbones with a makeup brush or sponge.
6. Apply lip liner and two coats of lipstick for the finishing touch.

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