Rainy Season Fashion Tips

by pinksoda

Probably the hardest season to dress up for work, office or just casual trip is during the rainy season. Hard as it is, women always finds a way to still look great and not drenched on the wet season. Let’s not compliment the already gloomy weather with a drenched look! Instead let’s take this as another opportunity to bring out our fashion sense. Here are some tips, to still look fashionable despite the absence of Mr. Sunshine.

First, do NOt forget your umbrella. This time, make it a little more exciting. Contrast the gloomy weather with a light colored umbrella taking away the gloominess of the day. Make sure your umbrella can withstand the heavy rain and strong wind. Also, choose an umbrella that matches your stature; don’t let it overwhelm your body.

Second, Capris, shorts and skirts (not too short) — who says they are good for summer only? Well, they can be very comfortable on rainy seasons too. You won’t have to worry about those rain spots you get when wearing a long pants.

Hoodies are cool and perfect fashion for the rainy season. Make it more fashionable by wearing a colored tank top or a nice camisole underneath.

Wear rain boots. They’re not just for your little brother. Rain boots are great for accessorizing rainy day attire. As much as possible, refrain from leather shoes, stilletos, or strappy heels unless your work requires you to do so. But on your way to work, try to wear Crocs or any of the same kind that could match your work clothes so your feet would be protected from getting wet.

Choose a tight hairstyle. You may have it tightly pulled into a ponytail or a bun. If you want it to be more fun, wear it wet and curly.

Don’t forget the handbag. Choose a handbag that is made out of leather instead of canvas. Water can penetrate through canvas. Use a handbag with a zipper to prevent water from getting into your bag.

Makeup – Yes of course! don’t let the gloomy weather bring out that dull face. Wear makeup but keep your make up as natural as possible. A natural shade of blush would keep your face happier.

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