Re-inventing Those Old Shoes

by pinksoda

As promised, I will show you pictures of those shoes I have reinvented. I was so inspired to do all these and just as thrilled in using them. I swear I love them all! Check  out my newly beautified wedges.


These are my old Charles and Keith wedge. Got these from Singapore some 3 years ago if I remember it correctly. The outer part of it have cracked up already so I should’ve considered throwing it away already. Well actually it’s been out from my shoe rack for quite a while. While I was busy “glitterizing” a salvaged ukay flats, I saw my beloved wedge lying there lifeless and well, ugly! I decided to glitterfy it and see what happens. I was so amazed with the outcome! I swear I can still use them for parties. You may refer to my DIY post on how to do this.


And this one is another unused wedge stored in my shoe-rack. A local brand Mags, which by the way is gaining popularity nationwide. It’s still okay but for some reason I find it already boring and so hard to match up with. So! Since I am in the mood of “re-invention-ing” my shoes, I decided to give this one a try.

-Thumbtacks (I used 4 boxes of 100 pieces/box)
-Nail Polish (yes azzz in nail color – caronia, revlon or any brand)

DIY Instructions:

  • Clean both shoes.
  • start pinning the thumbtacks on the wedge’s platform. You may start wherever you are comfortable.
  • Fill out the entire heels with thumbtacks. You can leave out spaces in between of totally fill it in.
  • After filling in the heels with thumbtacks, brush them with glue and let it dry.
  • Color each strap with your desired color (start with white – acts as the primer).
  • Color each thumbtacks head with different nail colors you love (I used 5 colors with mine).
  • Finish it up with colorless (both straps and thumbtacks) and let it dry.

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emotera goddess December 15, 2011 - 10:37 am

I definitely love it! Na amaze nako sa first make-over now with this 2, again im amaze. Too bad we just disposed our old sandals to our relatives who just visited. Love ko sana i-try! Mag ukay muna ako para matry ko din mag re-invent. 😀

Angel December 17, 2011 - 1:40 am

Oh wow! How I wish I have my old shoes before boyf threw them away. I could of tried re-inventing them first. 🙁 Totally love it… +1 for the creativity! Would love to see more of your fab creation. xox


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