Shoes Every Woman Should Have

by pinksoda

Every woman at any age, size and shape must have at least a pair of shoes with her. Well, to say “a pair” is a super understatement to many (and yes, you are nodding in affirmation :P). I don’t have tons but I definitely have more than 1, actually more than 3 ….errr..more than 5, okay! I have a dozen! OKAY! more than that!  LoL! I admit, I love shoes, but hey! they don’t cost me a fortune as I have my sources not draining my wallet.

Anyway, as a woman, I think it’s important that you choose the kind of shoes not based on what’s in, but based on your purpose of having them and of your comfort. If you are lucky to have the luxury to collect them, then, check this out! Have at least one of them in your shoe rack for variety.

They carry you from summer to fall. Wedges gives you that height and elongation with less stress on your foot compared to regular high heels or traditional stiletto. To me, they just never go out of style.

Gabbriellini Wedge Sandals - Green

Gabbriellini Wedge Sandals – Green


Ballet Flats
Flats spells comfort! They are versatile as you can wear them anywhere and walk for a long time with them without hurting your feet (just make sure you get your perfect fit and material). They are great for work and the weekend, traveling, shopping, hanging out and just about anywhere you go they can go too. Don’t have too many, but at least have the basic colors that can go with any outfit you wear.


Kitten Heels
If you must wear heels but not really a huge fan of it because it’s just not you, then the kitten heels is a great must have. These shoes are amazing for work affairs, interviews or when you just need a comfortable heel that’s not a stiletto or higher than 2 inches. They are considered also as the classic pump.
kitten heels

High Heels
Whether you are going out for a night or you just want to look extra sexy with that casual chic or corporate do, high heels will rescue you! Go with a pointed toe or a peep toe to elongate the line. Check out this wonderful find I got below from one of Philippine’s biggest online shopping store, Lazada.

Rielar Georgina Pumps (Black)

Rielar Georgina Pumps (Black)

There are a lot of types of shoes that you want to add to your collection that suits best the season and your need. However for me, these are the basic that I recommend having in your shoe wardrobe (aside from the sneakers and sexy strappy flats). Well, I’m sure, all you “shoeholics” out there can name more must haves! Feel free to share them on the comment section!

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Mark Murray March 26, 2014 - 5:48 am

The wedges look comfortable. At least more comfortable than the others on this list.


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