Slimming Easy is Possible

by pinksoda

As we age, slimming becomes way too difficult. Metabolism naturally slows down no matter what we do. Extensive workouts can be tiring, painful and hard to follow through. Not everyone has the time for a fitness regimen that will turn us into the goddesses we’ve once been! This shouldn’t stop us from reshaping that body, and there are easy ways how:

1. Cosmetic Surgery – this has the stigma of being scary, invasive AND expensive, but there are a number of reputable skin and body clinics that now offer reasonable rates. The result is a sexy body in a flash, plus recuperation is way faster with newer micro-lipo technology. The trick here is maintaining that new shape way after the surgery.

2. Yoga / Pilates – helps us develop our core muscles, improve our postures, and eventually trim our bodies after regular practice.

3. Dancing – hot and steamy disco-dancing is long gone but we can still do so to help us slim down. Enroll in a seductive but challenging tango class and hope to perfect the Argentine dance like JLo. Or start learning flamingo and awaken our Spanish Influence.

4. Easy Cheats: There have been market breakthroughs that will superbly get us slimmer the easiest and cheapest way. Very famous are:

a.L-Carnitine that acts as the skin’s own fat burner. This natural cellulite-fighting ingredient helps burn fat and improve metabolism. It can be found in juices, fruit snacks and capsules. It can also be applied topically through gel lotions without the need to rub vigorously compared to caffeine preparations.

b. White Tea has been the secret of Oriental women for centuries. A few sips a day increases metabolism thus, trims the figure. Recently, other preparations became available in the market in topical gel formats scientifically proven to break down fat cells and prevent from coming back.

c. Anis Extracts activate skin cells metabolism to increase collagen production that results into a reshaped, tighter body! With regular use, these ingredients can help us lose as much as 3cms. in 4 weeks with no pain at all! That “Skinny Jeans Challenge” seen in the Tyra Banks Show.

Think positive and always start the day happy. Everything is easier when we’re having fun!

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