Smokeless Cigs at LeCig

by pinksoda

Is it the expense, the aroma or the inside prohibition against smoking that has you exploringsmokeless cigarettes at or other vendors? Regardless of your reason, electronic or smokeless cigarettes are gaining in popularity and a widening selection of tastes and strengths. You get a choice of not only menthol v non-menthol but also of sour cherry, lemon, peach or other flavors. Choose your device type: Do you prefer the shorter cigarette design or the longer one? What about the e-pipe or cigar option instead of a cigarette? You still get the smooth, smokeless operation of an electronic cigarette, but without the familiar look of a cigarette. You even get a choice of e-cigarette design: Do you like the PigCigs, the LeCig D1s or the LeTanks? Each comes with vaporizer, charger and refill kits to ensure you don’t run short when you’re away from home or you forget to order on time. Many items at are offered at reduced price and limited shipping fees. Most deliveries within the continental United States usually arrive in two to three business days after your order is received. Unlike European sites, is based in America, so your products don’t travel as far or through Customs, which can often delay delivery. Don’t cause secondhand smoke. Keep your hair, clothes and skin away from the smell of cigarettes and cigars. Instead of lighting up a cigarette next time you want nicotine, reach for a smokeless cigarette from and never step out into the rain and cold for a quick drag again.

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