Stretch Marks Causes and Treatment

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What are Stretch Marks

stretched marks2Women’s health care does also include the skin. One of the annoying skin problems women have are these stretch marks. Stretch marks are fine lines on the skin which is caused by the rapid expansion of skin beyond its tolerance. This is due to weight gain normally during pregnancy. These stretch marks lines are red in beginning, then turn purple, and then gradually fade into silvery streaks, finally turning into white lines. They usually occur during pregnancy on breast, upper arms, thighs or buttocks i.e. parts where fat is stored. Men and woman who put on a lot of weight or had sudden lose of weight in short span of time often see these ugly stretch marks in places mentioned above.

Causes of Stretch Marks

The skin has a layer of collagen beneath it. Collagen is a tight jelly like substance that gives the skin its smooth, glowing appearance. When the collagen layer breaks, it gives the appearance of stretch marks.

Weight gain or loss that occurs rapidly is one of the major reasons for stretch marks. Growth spurt in teens, rapid weight loss due to dieting or sudden weight gain causes the collagen layer to stretch and break. Repeated weight gain and loss causes many stretch marks all over the body.

In pregnant women, the belly expands to accommodate the fetus. This causes the collagen layer to break. Weight gain or loss during pregnancy can also cause stretch marks in areas like arms, breasts, back and thighs.

Treat Stretch Marks

There are various of lotions available in the supermarkets that promises to heal stretch marks. These lotions proved to a cheap way to solve a huge problem. These lotions include moisturizing creams that contains Vitamin A or Vitamin E. Continuous massage of the affected areas with these lotions can remove stretch marks to a great extent. Further, creams containing Alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs), Tretinoin or Retin-A also help. Though these creams do not completely remove stretch marks, they help lighten the lines largely. There are 5 ways for pregnant women to prevent stretch marks.

1. Establish a Skin Care Program
2. Moderate Your Weight Gain
3. Massage Your Skin
4. Eat Right and Take Vitamins

Beside lotions, there is another effective way of stretch marks removal and it is the laser treatment of stretch marks. It is recommended that the laser surgery should be carried out only when the marks are red as the laser rays cannot detect the marks that have faded or turned white. No doubt, Laser treatment for stretch marks is the most expensive option to choose as it requires number of treatment sessions.

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