Suit Up Your Shape – Choosing Your Swimwear

by pinksoda

Happy Summer!! Have you shopped for that perfect swimwear yet? Well, it’s never too late for you to rush to your favorite shopping mall or store for that stunning swimwear. Well, shopping for the the appropriate and most flattering swimwear is a tricky business, but it’s always wise to choose a piece that truly loves your shape. Here are chic, confidence-boosting tricks and the requisite optical illusion thrown in for good measure.

Bounteous Booties

The Piece: Dark and low-rise boylegs, string bikini top
Details: Playing down a big bottom will require you to be mindful of these details: an interesting neckline or a boldly printed bikini top to call attention to a trim waist, and away from your bottom half. An oblique or low-rise bottom will elongate your gams and balance out your shape.

TIP: Avoid at all cost, wide-cut and light-hued bottoms that will only swell up instead of slimming down your hips.

Bitty Busts

The Piece: A string bikini
Details: Believe it or not, having small busts gives you the advantage of singling out sexier swimwear – so go ahead and snag that string number! Aside from having carte blanche when choosing between funky prints or frilly patterns, the thin straps show off skin, while the padded cups – especially ones with side-in pockets for gel inserts – boosts the bust area.
TIP: For added security, make sure to do a double knot, especially when swimming or playing water sports.

Long Silhouette

The Piece: A striped and low-rise tankini
Details: Shoot for horizontal stripes to shorten a long torso – and lengthen legs as well – creating a perfectly balanced body form.
TIP: Tanning your upper body too: Simply roll up a few inches of your top to give your midrift area some color.

Block Buster

The Piece: A halter tankini
Details: Choose solid dark shades like maroon or navy; light pastels will only add up width to the chest area. When lessening the load above, avoid cuts that blunge at the neckline, like ones with a deep V or scoop design. A dark halter tankini will help redirect attention from your bust area to your shoulders.
TIP: Never neglect support by discounting crucial details like underwired cups and wider straps — they will hold your breasts in place and at ease.

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