Surviving Valentines Day Alone

by pinksoda

Worry over no one to spend Valentines day with? The predicament over having no special someone on the day where romantic relationships are being celebrated can be a real downer to most. Although the day is meant to celebrate a couple’s life, you can easily turn Valentine’s Day into a celebration of almost any friendship!

So, if the thought of spending Valentine’s Day alone is just too much, try using some of these ideas! Here are some ideas for fun activities you can plan for yourself on Valentine’s Day!

Plan a Single Girl’s or Guy’s night Out

Don’t sit at home alone and mope. Call some of your closest same sex friends and have a single’s night out for Valentine’s Day. Hey, let the bartender know and you may even get a free sympathy drink! You could also make reservations at a fancy restaurant. No need to be cheap when celebrating being single and proud of it!

Plan an Activity You Like to Do

Treat yourself to a fun activity you enjoy. If you love the opera, Broadway, or even a simple movie then make plans to head out and enjoy yourself. You’ll have so much fun doing what you love to do that Valentine’s Day will be over before you know it!

Go online to see what activities are happening in your town on Valentine’s Day. You can try something new or plan a well loved activity.

Ask Someone Out

So, the simplest way to not be alone on Valentine’s Day is to ask someone else out! If you have had your eye on someone else and you know they are single as well, you can plan a romantic first date for the big day. Have a good laugh at the holiday and enjoy going out with someone new!

Throw a Single on Valentine’s Day Party

This is a great idea for getting over being single on Valentine’s Day. I often find more of my friends are single on the big day. You may be happily surprised at the large turn out your Single On Valentine’s Day Part is!

Be cute with the drinks at the party. You could make recipe cards for different cocktails and name them with quirky names pertaining to the holiday. “Moping martini,” Lonely Lemon Drop,” and “Single Salty Dog” would be cute.

“Need a Date” Newcastle is an easy one! Just serve up some Newcastle beer!

Go Shopping!

Ok, as far as I am concerned shopping is a cure all for almost any holiday’s blues, including Valentine’s Day. You can buy a new outfit and look great the next day! The stores shouldn’t be to crowd, not like the restaurants on Valentine’s Day!

Pamper YourselfMake an appointment to get a manicure, pedicure, or even a massage. Everyone deserves a treat once in a while. I always feel great after a little pampering! Knowing you have something to look forward to on Valentine’s Day can make it fun if you are single!

Buy Yourself Some Flowers or Chocolates

If no one else is going to give you some chocolates or flowers, then buy some for yourself. Flowers brighten up the home or office instantly. A box of chocolates is always great as well!

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