The 30-day Blogging Challenge

It’s the second quarter of the year and I decided to get myself into a new challenge that will exercise my mind and get me back into writing. I have been into the blogging scene since 2007 and I have had my share of ups and downs as a blogger. I have had my “in the zone” moments and couple of hiatus times for some personal reasons, laziness being among those.

Why Are You Doing This?

Blogging can be a lot of things. It can be for sharing, advertising, earning, expressing oneself, it can be a story. To me blogging will always be a way to take what’s going on inside my head.  It is a medium for me to share my passion,the things that I love, my life, and how I want to be of a motivation to everyone who I may be able to reach through my blog. So yes, that is why I took this challenge! I want to renew my passion to blog / write because hey! tihat’s why we are called bloggers right? We are supposed to blog! I think it is an opportunity for me to see how far my influence will go if I am being consistent on sharing information and actually promoting and allowing myself to be heard.

I felt that overtime while I was busy making a lot of excuses not to update my blog, and put some of my personal milestones into writing, I have become rusty! I mean, I felt like writing a decent paragraph is a challenge! I came to a point where I felt so dumb and insecure being a blogger. That has to end! I thank my dear friend Ruby of Pinay Mommy Online for being so enthusiastic and passionate. She basically urged us to update our blogs’ themes and then came up with a 30-day blogging challenge! Another friend Judy of Bogie’s Wonderland for the 30-day prompts we will be writing about. This is also an opportunity to improve my blog’s stats and rankings. Who doesn’t want that? Content is king! The more the blog is updated, the greater chances for you to be noticed by both the search engine and advertisers. Now, that is something more interesting! Working with potential partners and brands. I have worked with some brands before and it was an amazing experience! I surely hope I get to work again with brands that is relevant to this blog and to what I love the most.

Blogging with TERS

The fun part of this is that I am doing the challenge with dear friends, the Blogging Ters. We have been friends for years now and I consider them a blessing to be a part of my life. I only have few circle of trusted friends and these ladies are among those few. The five of us are sharing the same faith and passion for blogging. Though for now, Ruby, Judy, and me are the ones committing to do this as Jenjacqs of A little Drop of Everything and Phebie of Love’s Haven have other priorities and cannot commit to doing this on a daily basis.

Given my sporadic history of posting the past months, this will most certainly be a challenge, but I’m excited to push my creativity to it’s limits squeezing those intelligent juices left in my brain! lol! If you are a blogger also who are looking into rekindling your passion and love for writing, sharing, and just being spontaneous, feel free to join our 30-day blogging challenge! It’s not too late! Drop me a line on the comment box and I’ll be glad to share the prompts with you.


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  1. Ngano kulet kaayo ko. Hahaha… Both post I have seen kay kulet kaayo ko. Hahaha… Pero it’s for all us man pud. Hehehe… Love! Love! Love!

    Pag ka gwapa ba gyud sa photo! Love it!

  2. I hope you have fun with blogging even further. I love your post. It was really inspiring. Thanks for sharing:)

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