The Fabulous Disney Princess

by pinksoda

To all Walt Disney Princesses fans out there (I can’t think of any girl who at one point in their lives didn’t dream to be a princess after watching Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid and all those fairy tale) I am guilty of becoming that dreamy girl ones upon a time. I dreamed of wearing those beautiful gowns as they danced their happy ever after away.

princess fraity tale outfit

So fast forward today, those gowns are no longer appealing to the ones dreamy little girls as their fashion statement changes. But wait! I bumped into this fabulous mixed and matched outfit created by Maybelline Philippines. It says “Who says Disney princesses are for kids?” Oh yeah! These are great graduation ball oufit ideas or if you are just partying. So which Princess gorgeous outfit would you want to wear?

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