The Tuxedo Fashion

by pinksoda

Tuxedo is probably the most famous signature wear for men to look more dashing and attractive in every special occasion. Whether it is bought from online stores such as tuxedo rental Greenville SC or tailored made, a tuxedo can make an impression in any man sporting it. While tuxedo is widely identified as formal wear for men, this also has become a hot fashion trend for women as the years goes by and at the same time fashion evolved. I have seen a lot of fabulous and gorgeous female Hollywood A-listers on the red carpet sporting a tuxedo instead of that little black dress or the usual long gown. Making a fashion statement also means getting out of your comfort zone, so consider a tuxedo to add a splash of masculinity at the same time creating that chic, sophisticated, stylish and feminine look the next time!

Celebrities in Tuxedo

Celebrities in Tuxedo

To help you flaunt that tuxedo, here are some guides on how to wear it.

The Right Fit – make sure that the tuxedo you will wear is right for your body frame emphasizing that feminine curve. An ill-fitting tuxedo can make you look odd! Large shoulder pads or tails is also a big No-No!

The Right Pair – consider carefully the bottom and inner wear to pair with that perfectly fit tuxedo. Consider the color of your jacket. Choose a dark skinny trousers or jeans that match or compliments the color of your tuxedo. A loose trouser is a sure ticket to the worst dressed section. A white inner garment is the safest match. If you want to be more adventurous, get out from the usual black color tuxedo. Remember Beyonce’s purple tuxedo? Yes! You can sport the same!

The Right Footwear – I highly recommend wearing heels to exude femininity and remain sexy and fabulous. Flat shoes can make you look dull and short.

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