Theraphy Stockings

by pinksoda

Millions of people develop circulatory problems in their legs as they age. Others have problem with swelling in their ankles and calves due to various medical issues. While some sufferers may find a surgical solution to ease their pain, others can find comfort by using a calf compression sleeve. As the name suggests, you slip this medical garment over your calf and it presses against your skin. It helps to stabilize and support your lower leg. It is also effective at reducing swelling caused by edema or water retention. Compression sleeves are kind of like a sock, except the foot has been removed.


They are normally a little tighter at the bottom by the ankle and a little less restrictive at the top, toward the knee. This gradual difference in elasticity helps force retained fluids upward so it does not pool in your calves or lower extremities. Made of a nylon-type of material and available in a number of different colors, these medical aids can be worn under socks or hosiery, or they can be worn uncovered. While they do compress your calves, they are not uncomfortable. In fact, if you put them on in the morning and go out for the day, when you come home, you might forget that you still have them on. Some people need to wear compression sleeves over their calves all of the time, while others only need them occasionally. Before you start wearing compression sleeves you should check with your doctor and get the okay.

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