Trying To Conceive Success

by pinksoda

I have had some friends who are trying to complete their family with the blessing of a little bundle of joy for years. While it appears to be very easy to most couple, some finds it challenging to conceive and others took them years!

Trying to conceive. It’s a very exciting journey, but it sure can be stressful and overwhelming as well. There are so many things to consider when you are trying to conceive. Many couples find that getting pregnant is not as easy as they thought it was going to be. The main reason that couples don’t get pregnant when they want to is because they don’t actually know their most fertile time.


Women only have a few short hours (between 12 and 48) during ovulation when they are physically able to get pregnant. After the egg is released, it only lives for around 12-48 hours before it begins to disintegrate and die. If it is not fertilized in that time frame, there is no way a woman can get pregnant. This is why knowing when you ovulate is so important so that you can time sex properly for conception. For more information on how to track your ovulation, check out


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