Ways To Get Over the Person Who Broke Your Heart

by pinksoda

One of the hardest things every woman has to face is letting go of someone. Getting over with someone whom we invested so much time and emotions for months or even years is not an overnight thing. One has to undergo in the process of depression, anger, insecurities, denial or even self pity. Those are all normal, but dwelling on your emotions, sulking in your room crying longer than necessary and watch the world passes you by isn’t right nor healthy. You have to wake up to the reality that break ups is not the end of the world. There’s more to life than locking yourself up inside your room and punishing yourself for a relationship that has end! Here are some tips to help fix your broken heart and pick up the pieces ones again and regain yourself.


You have to face the fact that you are sad and depressed. There’s no point in acting as if you are the strongest person in the world and you are unaffected. You can lock yourself in your room, sob, wail..it’s alright. Cry and let all your heartaches out. Be honest to what you are feeling but you have to remember that’s not the only thing you will have to do for the rest of your life! You might get puffy and swollen eyebags but at least you’re not stressing your way to sickness. Remember, it is healthy to express your anger and hurt. You can vent your feelings and relieve the tension and stress you feel inside.

Lend Some Ear

When in pain and confused, it is always advisable to have someone around. Pouring over your sentiments with a friend over a bottle or a cup of coffee is a great catharsis. Who cares if you have told the story a hundred times already to your friends? As long as the anguish is still there just keep on talking. It will soothe your soul.

Don’t Listen to Love Songs

As we all know, love songs tend to stir our emotional side, so be wary and don’t let yourself indulge into listening to love songs when you’re broken hearted. You’ll end up feeling like a complete loser and that’s the last thing you want to happen.

Keep Yourself Busy

Do the things that you neglected to do because you were busy with someone else before. Finish your project that you left idle for almost a month now. Open that novel where your bookmark has been on the same chapter for already a year. Do all the things you’ve been dying to do before but just didn’t have the time. Organize an out of town trip with your friends or try hosting a party. Be with happy people and absorb their vibes.


This may sound weird but is sometimes effective. If avoiding all the places you two have been and all the things both of you were doing before didn’t come up with a good result, then might as well try this one. No, reminiscing doesn’t mean that you have to punish yourself by reliving the memories you once shared, it’s just a way of making yourself immune to all the pains he has caused and for you to face the reality. Remembering the good times you have spent together will somehow make you realize that life isn’t bad after all. Believe me, in time, you will just find yourself laughing at all the things that happened and it will somehow make you proud also because you have overcome them all.

Start a Diary


Start writing in a journal and make it your new best friend. Jot down all the dreadful things that happened to you and purge out all the things that’s on your mind, no holds barred. Confess to your new best friend how despicable your boyfriend is and vow to forget him the soonest time possible.

Clean up the Clutters

It’s time to pick up the pieces and clean up the clutters of your once shattered life. A closing doesn’t necessarily mean a shut down; it’s just a phase that everyone needs to undergo to pave way for a new start. Keep away from your sight all the things that bring back memories of you together. Put them in a box and make sure you’ll never get a glimpse of it to avoid temptation to look at them again. And when I mean keep away from sight, just toss it aside first, not return to the giver.

Pamper yourself

Head to the spa, gym or even to the parlor for a complete makeover. Enough of the sulking days, it’s unfair for you to see him happy while you are still there in your room wallowing in despair. Give yourself a treat and stop looking miserable. You wouldn’t want to look wretched when the hands of fate suddenly give you the person who will completely ease your broken heart, would you?

Well, I know doing all those is not an easy feat. But if you value and love yourself more than anything else, you will have to realize that you need to have the courage to pick up the pieces again and continue living.

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