Ways to Prevent Getting Dark Under-Eye Circles

by pinksoda

dark-eye-circlesOne of the many problems of women, well actually not just women but men as well is dark under-eye circles. They make us look ill and lethargic. Concealing them is quite challenging and even harder to get rid of. There are many factors that causes the discoloration around that area.

Well, if you have them, don’t despair! There are ways to prevent them from invading your beautiful looks! Read further and identify what is causing those dark circles and find out how to prevent them.

1. Get a Good night’s Sleep every night – Insufficient sleep causes the skin to become paler as it reduces circulation, increasing darkness under the eyes. This is the most common cause of dark circles. Note that we need 7-9 hours of sleep each night.

2. Treat your eyes to a home-made spa treatment – Relax, lie down and apply cool tea-bags or cucumber slices to your eyes for 10 minutes each morning. The tannin in tea reduces discoloration and the cucumber reduces puffiness, so these treatments refresh the skin around your eyes preventing darkness.

3. Eat a healthy, balanced diet and drink lots of water – dark circles can be caused by lack of Vitamin K or B12. Eat good amount of fruit and vegetables. Eating healthy is always the overall answer for any health deficiencies.

4. Drink water by the gallon – I’m sure you have heard of this many times already. True, this is really essential to our bodies. Drinking sufficient amount of water helps hydrate skin thus making it radiant.

5. Give up Smoking – having dark eye circles is just a mild effect of smoking if we come to think of it. There are more serious effects of smoking to worry about. It depletes the body of vitamin C so if you must smoke take a supplement to replace this loss. It causes aging and blood vessels to appear bluer under the skin therefore contributing to dark circles.

If you don’t smoke, avoid secondary smoke.

6. Don’t stay under the sun too much – The sun contains many harmful rays that can harm your skin, cause wrinkles and skin aging. This will contribute to the appearance of dark circles under your eyes so it is best to wear sunglasses while you are exposed to the sun and use a sunscreen of SPF 30 or more.

7. De-stress – Find time to relax, have some activities that will help you relax. You can lie down by the pool with cucumber in both eyes while listening to your favorite music. If you are feeling stressed on the inside it is more than likely to show on the outside. Reducing stress is essential in the prevention of dark under-eye circles.

8. Reduce Salt Intake – If your diet contains a lot of salt you may suffer from fluid retention which is a major cause of dark circles under the eyes. If you think this could be the problem try cutting out raw salt and check food labels for excess hidden salt. Dark circles are commonly caused by our lifestyle or neglecting our diet, however there is also a chance it could be hereditary.

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