What Does a Ring on My Finger Mean?

by pinksoda

Rings are no doubt special to any woman who wears it. To a woman, a ring is not just a jewelry when it is given to them by their husbands, boyfriends or even just friends. How you wear them and where you put them on definitely says a statement. Here are some interesting information on how a ring signifies a particular meaning on those fingers.

Eternity Ring

Eternity Ring

Little Finger
This finger is all about our associations with the outside world and it represents everything about relationships. This signifies our attitude towards others. Wearing a ring on this finger shows to the world that you are a divorcee.

The ring finger
Now, rings on this fingers says a lot! This finger of the left hand says it is directly connected to the heart. It is not a surprise that the wedding ring belongs to this finger. Since it also represents emotions. Engagement rings after marriage for women,eternity rings for women or men, promise rings and infinity ring are also worn in the ring finger as they signify true love and a promise of forever love.

The Middle Finger
Putting on a ring on this finger tells everyone that you are engaged.

The Index Finger
Or the fore finger. Putting a ring here means you are single and is searching for that someone special. Both men and women does this, however, some married men/ladies put rings on their fore fingers sending the wrong signal (at least to those who knows what it means.)

The Thumb
It is seldom that a ring is put on to this finger as it is regularly large. However, a ring on the thumb means belongs to an elite and privileged society.

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