Where Should The Hem Hit

by pinksoda

For those sucker of dresses just like me, it is important that we know where the hem of our dress fall if we don’t want to look funny or a little awkward in it. Oftentimes, women doesn’t give attention to the dress’ length. Truth is, aside from how well it fit and flatters our body type, where the hem hit is very important as it will either make us shorter or taller and it defines our shape way better!

dress designs

Flared skirts look best when they land within 2 inches above or below your knee (mid-calf, and they start to look tii matron-“ish”).

Shapely styles that follow the curves of your hips and thighs are most flattering when they fall mid-knee.

Straight-cut styles ideally should end just above your knee to help lengthen and show off your legs

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