Why Glutathione?

by pinksoda

If we notice Glutathione products are now widely promoted in television attracting people or users to buy for many reasons. The most common reason that most people know why Glutathione is used is because it whitens the skin. Well, if you are one of those people then you need to read this. Why Glutathione? Does it whiten skin really?

Glutathione is a small molecule made up of three amino acids, which exists in almost every cell of the body. However, glutathione, must be generated within the cell from its precursors before it can work effectively in the body.

The presence of glutathione is required to maintain the normal function of the immune system. It is known to play a critical role in the multiplication of lymphocytes (the cells that mediate specific immunity) which occurs in the development of an effective immune response.

Furthermore, the cells of the immune system produce many oxiradicals as a result of their normal functioning, resulting in a need for higher concentrations of antioxidants than most cells. Glutathione plays a crucial role in fulfilling this requirement.

If your aim is to lighten your skin, then you must take note that taking the right dosage is important to achieve that goal.

Things you need to know why you take, how to take your gluta caps.

1. gluta is an anti-oxidant that cleans the liver, takes off free-radicals and helps the brain too (did u know that our brain’s anti-oxidant is gluta and that low level of it results to some illneses and disorders?)

2. gluta is safe for everyone whatever age is

3. the most advisable dosage is 10-20mg/kg BodyWeight to use glutathione as an anti-oxidant and for whitening it has to be 20-40mg/kg/BW. example: 50kg x 20mg = 1000mg. you have to take it with vitamin c in ascorbic acid form to be able to maximize its whitening effect (vitamin e can also be taken for better results although i don’t really encourage you to do so because ive learned that there are forms of vitamin e which are not water-soluble and it may harm our body in prolonged use). it means that you are just taking dosage of glutathione as an anti-oxidant and not as skin whitener (because i assume that all in all, you are taking 400 mg of )

4. it is 100 percent proven that it really works to whiten skin

5. For most people, the first 3 months use of gluta (fortunately for me, this happened for only 2 mts) is crucial for it is the time where gluta is building the foundation (body chemistry re-alignment) and once built this is only the start for its whitening process. the lightening of skin is gradual (speed is depending on your metabolism and body chemical functioning) this is where you will notice that your skin is shinier and healthier than before. after this process, you will notice that your shade is lighter than before.

6. glutha whitens the skin by reducing the melanin formation of the epidermis going up to the dermis

7. there are definitely no side-effects of using gluta, u know why? coz its ability to whiten your skin is already its side-effect

8. there is also no harm in its prolonged use

9. its advisable to take gluta with meal and never take it with liquor or any alcoholic drink

10. while taking this, you wont really become sensitive but you have to at least put sunblock lotion or cream to exposed parts of your body and your face.

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