Beauty Tips on Hair Split Ends

by pinksoda


Many hair products are sprouting out from everywhere claiming to mend the problem of hair’s split ends. Fact is the only way to cure split ends is by cutting them off. You cannot reoair split ends but you can definitely cut them off and you can avoid it from happening. So Let us focus on discussing precaution than false cures.

Causes and Preventions

Dry Hair – It is however not only your hair type that makes you vulnerable for split ends. Also how you take care of your hair is very important. It is a fact that dry hair is prone to a faster split ends development.

Coloring and Perms – this kind of hair treatment makes hair weak and vulnerable to split ends. You need extra caring to this and treat hair with appropriate products. Make sure to condition your hair a lot and comb hair before rinsing it out.

Heated Appliances – we women loves to blow dry and iron to give it a body and beautiful finish. However, this too causes split ends if frequently done. Try to avoid those heated hair appliances as much as possible. Should there’s really a need for you to use it, make sure your hair is protected with trusted product.

After your shower do not towel dry your hair. Just blot your hair an carefully comb it using a wide toothed comb.

Elastic Bands – among other hair accessories of the same kind. Do not use uncovered elastic bands since this often pulls out your hair when you remove it.

A dry scalp is prone to split ends as well. That is because you’re your hair follicle lacks enough lubrication. Low fat diet which results to a dull hair is also at risk of developing split ends.

Make sure to regularly trim your hair so to give it a more vibrant look from time to time.

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