Beauty Tips : How To Choose Your Face Powder

by pinksoda

Loreal True Match

Face powder either pressed or loose gives glow as well as smooth look to the skin. Women with oily skin benefits most with face powder application as it conceals the oily look of the skin and makes your skin look perfect. It is used because it is the quickest and easiest way to cover up blemishes. Whether you use face powder to conceal skin oiliness or just to look fresh is not a question. The question now is how to choose the right face powder that suits you best?

It is important to choose face powder that suits your skin tone. Use a face powder that is 1 tone lighter than your skin. Personally it took me sometime to finally stick on one brand as looking for the right face powder that blends my skin and complexion is quite challenging. I went through hit or miss stage in choosing the right powder for me.

To help you decide, consider the following in choosing your face powder.

1. Your complexion – If your face powder isn’t the right shade for your face, it will look like you have dirt smudged on your face. You will likely have some hit or miss in finding the right shade, but in trying to figure out what shade you are, first consider, are you fair, medium, or dark skinned? That will winnow the choices down somewhat. From there, look at the undertone in your skin. Is it pink, peachy, or olive? In any given line of powders, you will probably end up with just two to decide between if you know those two aspects of your skin tone.

*** When picking your color, keep these tips in mind. White powder is best for the evening, since it adds luminosity. If your complexion is sallow, try a mauve or violet tone. Green and blue will tone down colors, pink gives a nice glow for pale skin and apricot works for olive skin that needs to some brightness.

2) Find the right consistency. Some powders, are incredibly finely milled. They go on lightly and don’t settle into wrinkles or dry spots. They can also be somewhat more expensive than drugstore varieties, so assess if you prefer a finer powder than what you find in the drugstore for the price differential. A very good mid-price range powder can be found in the MAC makeup line. I use Loreal True Match. There are a lot of choices too – there is a powder if you just want to control shine, one if you want to add a slight glow to your skin, mineral powders for more foundation-like coverage, sheer, and translucent powders.

3) Decide if you want to use pressed or loose powder. Pressed is obviously best for popping in your purse, and imparts more coverage. However, if you are looking for a light, refining look, use loose powder.

4) Always test before you buy! Spend wisely by testing the product before bringing it to the counter.

How to Apply Face Powder

Apply your face powder after your foundation if you are wearing any, and before putting on your eye makeup. Make sure not to miss any spots – including your lips and eyes.

Make sure that you blend, blend, blend! Apply powder to your neck, and make sure that you don’t have the defined line that screams “I’m wearing foundation!”. Looking natural will enhance the beauty that is your own. In addition to your neck, make sure that you get your hairline, and even your ears if necessary.

is vital when applying your face powder. Not only should you apply makeup to a clean face, but make sure to use a clean brush or applicator. Change your brush or applicator as often as necessary so that the oil and dirt from your face doesn’t get trapped in the bristles or the sponge. This can lead to clogged pores, and eventually irritation and infection.

Why I use Loreal True Match Pressed Powder

I love how this face powder blends into my skin naturally. Make one’s skin becomes fresh, flawless, but most of all, natural-looking, thanks to its Opti-Blend and Opti-Match technology, which essentially matches one’s skin tone and texture. Imagine a formulation that mimics the skin texture to make it smooth, even, and true to tone. I have a medium skin tone and I’ve been using Sand Beige / Beige Sable and Natural Beige.

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