Fashion and You – How to Wear Pink

by pinksoda


So I confess! Pink is my favorite color! Yes, yes and yes! I am a certified pink color lover. But wait! does that mean everything I have to wear should go ALL pink? No, no! of course not! Pink looks great on almost everyone, but head-to-toe cotton candy hues can overwhelm even the girliest girl.

Please take this advise if you want to look good in your favorite color.


* Do pair pink with a neutral shade that grounds it without overwhelming it: white, cream, chocolate, khaki and denim.
* Do wear mid-range pinks like cotton candy with white.
* Do mix soft blush pinks with cream or khaki.
* Do go bold with combos like hot pink and grass green for preppy freshness.


* Don’t pair icy pastels together like pink and baby blue. Too cutesy.
* Don’t wear hot pink with black: it looks dated. Use white or even khaki as a fresher foil for your pink.

More Tips in Wearing Pink


BABY PINK-Soft, pale shades convey innocence and a youthful outlook. Wear this when you want to be pampered (or feel like it, anyway) as well as when you want to calm down.


–  MEDIUM PINK-MIddle-range shades make a strong yet feminine statement that’s perfect for the office and business. They send out a confident signal.


DEEP HOT PINK (Or SHOCKING)-You’re a risk taker, have a whimsical spirit, and are fun loving. Wear this for an evening out or whenever you want to boost your energy level. And you have a sensual side!


– If you like wearing Chocolate Or Other Deep Brown Shades, pair it with POWDER PINK.

muave – If you like Gray, pair it with Mauve. PLEASE NOTE: Wear the pink on top, the other color on the bottom, for the most slimming and complexion-enhancing effect.

A little trivia for you all pink lovers out there.

Did you know that wearing the color pink or even being in a pink room can make you feel better? The next time you’re sluggish and dragging around, wrap yourself in a pink blanket; perked up a little, didn’t you? It’s all because this lighter shade of red gently stimulates your adrenals (glands seated on top of the kidneys; they regulate stress) AND improves circulation, making you feel more energized (Now don’t go and wrap yourself in red-It’ll overstimulate you!). A pink-colored room, particularly a pastel or soft pink, has a positive and flattering effect. Not only you will feel good, but you’ll look good, too; Pink is a flattering shade for most complexions!

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